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Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his worries about the situation on Madeira Island, his homeland. At least 40 people died there after a flood at the end of February.

It was supposed to be a press conference about football in London. But it became a relief to the most expensive player in the world.

"When I see the images on TV, well ... I'm quite disappointed and not happy," said the Portuguese star.

The former Manchester United striker explained why he had taken off his Real Madrid jersey after scoring against Villarreal. He was wearing a shirt with the name "Madeira" under the jersey.

"I do that for my people, because I was born there and I love Madeira."

Ronaldo also talked about his voluntary work to raise funds for Madeira.

"We work to help as many people as we can from there. We try to do big things to help families of the victims there."



Watch Cristiano Ronaldo dedicating his goal to Madeira.

by Marcelo Magalhaes Menezes

Cristiano Ronaldo Worries Over His Roots


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